Dragon's Claw

Tower 2 Assault, continued

We had defeated all the enemies inside the tower’s main chamber but when Erevis crossed the line of statues, they came to life. Three black dragons attacked. They were heavy hitters but also easy to hit. We eventually killed all three but only after they dropped Erevis and almost dropped Krav.

Having approached the portal, Krav realized we would only be able to close it from the other side. He then entered to attack the shadow warrior pacing around. Horatio and Erevis followed and it was defeated. Luke stayed behind to keep an eye on things in the “real world” while Dex entered the portal and began to examine it from the other side.

Dex realized he could close the portal and still leave time to escape. Krav assisted while Horatio and Erevis threw sunrods at the growing shadows down the hallway. Dex was one round away from succeeding and so Horatio and Erevis exited the portal. Just as Krav was going to exit, he saw a new shadow warrior approaching. He sacrificed his life to slow the warrior and allow Dex time to close the portal and escape.

We looted the secret room on the side of the main chamber. 600 silver pieces, 6 dragonborn coins, 4 healing potions.

  • Battle Standard of Might (actually found on floor in main chamber)
  • Ameliorating Leather Armor +1
  • Ironskin Belt
  • Sacrificial Short Sword +2


Ah, the “death” of Krav. It’s not often that you get to choose a heroic death in an RPG and even rarer that your fellow players let you do it – the urge to save a party member is deeply etched into our hard drives. My thanks to everyone for that gift. I love(d) this character and hope to revisit the concept if not the character himself one day.

Tower 2 Assault, continued

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